Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trades - 31/03/2015

Sl lowered  to 11952.

17:00 (GMT+1)
If this is really an ending diagonal in a flat (c) position, then at least a higher degree wave [c] should be on its way under today's low real quick.
16:37 (GMT+1)
Just a thought. It still needs confirmation.
15:32 (GMT+1)
Position got stop out.

15:25 (GMT+1)
This is a very delicate place. There is a nice short setup on the 1 hour chart, but that doesn't mean the market can't retrace to a higher price even if the context is right. The price must break below the channel drawn on the 5 minutes chart for continuing the downside movement.
14:47 (GMT+1)
Position got stop out. I'm gonna take a break now from trading because I wasn't patient enough.
14:43 (GMT+1)
I'm betting on the continuation of the downside movement. Sl is lowered to 11975.5.
14:38 (GMT+1)
I've tried to make a long scalp but the position got stop out near break even.

14:24 (GMT+1)
Closed position at 11963.5. I'm waiting for the next setup.

14:13 (GMT+1)
Break even.

14:08 (GMT+1)
I'm trying to play out a bearish continuation setup.
13:46 (GMT+1)
Short position got stop out. The market might pause for a little while now and retrace some of today's drop.

13:27 (GMT+1)
Lowered my SL to 12000.

13:04 (GMT+1)
The momentum of the 1 hour chart looks bearish: the failure to swing high was followed by a bearish cross.
11:54 (GMT+1)
Break even. I try to be patient and sit on my hand.

11:52 (GMT+1)
Short opened.
11:43 (GMT+1)
Closed on M1 exit signal at 12051.5.

11:37 (GMT+1)
I opened a short position and lowered my sl. This might be just a wave [B] on the 1 minute chart, but the correction channel is near (see 1 hour chart) and I hope that the price action will pierce right through it.
11:13 (GMT+1)
I decided to close my short. I'm gonna try to reenter though.

11:11 (GMT+1)
Break even.

11:06 (GMT+1)
I'm trying to play out a short setup again. It looks like the bullish slingshot on the 1 hour chart wasn't able to push the price higher. A break down under the today's low would support the bear bias.
10:26 (GMT+1)
Position got stop out.

10:08 (GMT+1)
I opened a short position. The minimum target is 12030, but I hope it will go lower and test the support zone located at 11800s level. SL is at 2 point above today's high.
9:57 (GMT+1)
I think the channel drawn on the 5 minutes chart should determine the direction of the next wave. In case of a new local high I will look for a long setup.