Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trades - 14/09/2016

Rest of my DJI30 long stopped out @ 18085 and DAX30 long was closed @ 10370.

Update: 18:01
DJI30 long was opened @ 18104. Scaled out 1/2 @ 18122. Sl raised to 18085.
DJI30 (CFD) - 1 hour chart
Update: 17:39
DAX Sl@10370

Update: 17:17
DAX30 (CFD) - 15 minutes chart

Dax long @10372, sl@10349.

Update: 17:07
Closed kiwi@0.73961

Update: 16:32 (GMT+2)
DJI30 reached top of the parallel channel. I decided to close @ 18151 with +61 point.

DJ30 (CFD) - 1 hour chart (small channel behaved as resistance so far)

Update: 16:22 (GMT+2)
All my positions got stopped out. I opened a DJI30 and another NZDUSD long. SLs set to break even.

DJI30 (CFD) - 4 hours chart

NZDUSD - 15 minutes chart

Update 13:20
I raised my kiwi sl to 0.758. Scaled out half @ 0.783
Opened another dax long@10424, sl @ 10415 now, tp@10495. I raised the sl on my other long as well to 10385. Picture will be uploaded later on.

I just made some mind adjustment on my last update yesterday. The context is still pretty much the same.
DAX30 (CFD) - 1 hour chart
I scaled out half my position at top zone of the mini range shown on the 15 minutes chart. This range needs to break for bullish continuation. The corrective channel of the yesterday's drop looks broken after a successful retest. Price must stay above 10350 to keep the short term bullish anticipation valid. 
DAX30 (CFD) - 15 minutes chart
I also have opened a long NZDUSD. I anticipate at least a retest of the local high, then ideally a breakout near to the 0.736 resistance zone. I plan to scale out around 0.730 if the bulls will continue to prevail.
NZDUSD - 1 hour chart

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