Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trades - 09/15/2016

Update: 19:05
Kiwi stopped out at (16:48 gmt+2) 0.72822 with +11 pip.

Update: 14:45
Closed dax @ 10362 with -55 poitns.
Opened kiwi short @ 0.72934, sl@0.731

Update 11:45 (GMT+2)
Closed dax long @ 10383 with +19 points.
I opened a short @ 10383 ; sl@ 10413.
Possible bearish slingshot on 15 minutes chart.
Bad decision. Got stopped out almost immediately.
Reentered a long with a smaller position @ 10417 with a more loosened SL@10337 with TP@10555. Looks like the original context and setup might work out. This is my last try. If this gets stop out then I'll "bench" myself for today.

Update 10:50 (GMT+2)
KIWI long got stopped out. I broke even.

I opened a dax long position. The last support level (10320) is so far untouched. The drop is contained by a parallel downward channel. Corrections tend to end at the boundary line or at middle line of these parallel channel. The momentum on the daily time frame is still at support, while the price is right now still at the lower part of a bigger range. This is may be my last try for a long and I only aim the top of a smaller channel shown on the 1 hour chart. This is where the MA10/20 on the daily chart can be found at the moment. It's quite a delicate situation because channels pretty much can be drawn across the chart. The channel drawn from the high 10542 is still a resistance and the price may keep bouncing down from that line.

DAX30 (CFD) - Daily chart

DAX30 (CFD) - 1 hour chart

I have a KIWI long right now. I still have pretty much the same context as before. The downward channel behaved as resistance so far. I expect to pierce below the critical support zone then a test of this level should be in place.
NZDUSD - Daily chart

NZDUSD - 4 hours chart

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