Monday, September 12, 2016

Trades - 12/09/2016

Position got stopped out @ 10380 with -14 points. The signal faded and the setup failed. It was really busy at work today and missed the whole upside movement. I expected a bounce for wave [4] but this doesn't look like one, and on the DJI30  chart the market ruled out this interpretation. I'll update my context tomorrow.

Update - 12:04 (GMT+2):
Lowered my risk. Sl @ 10380.

Update - 11:52 (GMT+2):
Try to play out a possible bearish slingshot on the 15 minutes chart. The momentum configuration got triggered but still needs a nice follow through. On the 5 minutes chart the price action from the daily low looks like a triangle pattern. MA10/20 channel is still intact and MA10 is still a resistance.
DAX30 (CFD) - 15 minutes chart with a possible bearish slingshot setup

10:35 (GMT+2)
DAX31 :) - 15 minutes chart
Opened a dax short just a couple of minutes ago. I put my tp on the Fibo. extension 200.0 level @ 10287. I can't rule out that this is part of a wave [4] correction, because wave [2] was a quick ZZ. So I put my sl near to break even and set a trailing stop on it.

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