Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dax - 07/04/2015

21:27 (GMT+1)
The daily time frame triggered a bullish slingshot.

17:13 (GMT+1)
I gotta get going. I will be away from the computer for the rest of the day. I decided to close the rest of my long at 12115.

17:03 (GMT+1)
I'm expecting a price action similar to the January of 2015.
h4-d1 charts from 1st of April
16:32 (GMT+1)
Higher long is closed at 12139.5.

16:23 (GMT+1)
I opened another long and I'm hoping that the dax will reach higher prices today. I'm expecting a tricky movement though, which I might have posted already last week about the similarity of the recent price action with the first weeks of january 2015.
13:23 (GMT+1)
The higher long is closed at 12106.5. 2R in the pocket.

13:09 (GMT+1)
It looks like it was a good decision to lower my Sl back a little bit and to open another long. We'll see how this is going to work out because we are near to a resistance.
m5-m15-h1 charts
10:32 (GMT+1)
Break even.

10:28 (GMT+1)
Raised my SL to 12065.5. 15 minutes chart offers a bullish slingshot opportunity.

10:21 (GMT+1)
I opened a long position.
m5-m15-h4 charts
9:39 (GMT+1)
The triangle pattern looks like it's gonna fail, at least it has a slight chance. The price action might get tricky again, but I try to hop on this inverse h&s pattern opportunity (not valid yet) and open a long position.

9:15 (GMT+1)
My shorts got stop out at entry points. This is what I pay close attention on the 4 hours chart.
h4 chart. Inverse h&s pattern is not valid yet.
9:06 (GMT+1)
This is the short setup I'm trying to play out. I just missed the scale out level, so now I'm just trying to sit on my hands. I'm still thinking this is part of a correction on the 1 and 4 hours chart (most likely a wave [e] of triangle) and after the patterm is done, I anticipate a break out attempt to reach ATH again.
8:30 (GMT+1)
On the 1 hour chart this upside movement might be part of a triangle. Last Friday's price action got even trickier then I expected. I'm looking for a gap filling for today.

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