Monday, April 27, 2015

DAX - 27/04/2015

Rest of the long is closed át 12021.

14:50 (GMT+1)
Higher long is closed at 11984.5

14:43 (GMT+1)
The price action is on the break regarding the 1 and 4 hours chart. I think higher prices is still reachable (shown on 4 hours chart) even if the bottom wasn't an end of flat C wave.
DAX: m5 - m15 - h4 charts
12:26 (GMT+1)
Sl raised to 11798, then to 11805. Scaled out 1/2 at 11838.5. Trailing stop is on.

11:50 (GMT+1)
I'm paying close attention to a bullish opportunity. Different scenarios are still hanging in the air. No critical support was broken last week so I'll try to play bullish setups above that line. The channel on the 5 minutes chart is broken and I think the 1 hour chart shows a very chaotic leading diagonal and flat patterns. I think the higher channel line shown on the 1 hour chart is a reachable target zone for today. We'll see how this works out.
DAX: m5 - m15 - h1 charts

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