Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trades - 23/04/2015

11:41 (GMT+1)
Position was closed by the SL. The market still moves in a downward channel, but so far the lower line provided support. If this is gonna continue then   the "immediate" bullish scenario I drew up a couple of days ago will be ruled out. It's a wait and see situation for me, because if the market will go below this week's low then at least 11500 should be reached and have to rethink the wave count (and may be the wave degree too.).

11:41 (GMT+1)
Sl moved to 11765.

11:24 (GMT+1)
Sl moved to 11740.

10:55 (GMT+1)
I'm back in front of my computer again. I didn't expect this deep retrace (if it will stay a retrace). I opened a long on a 5 minutes setup (base channel break out attempt). I think the index is gathering some strength. The hourly momentum is still on the edge of bullish support zone. We'll see how this is gonna work out.
DAX: m5 - m15 - 1 hour charts
Sl Closed position

Scaled out 1/3 át 11927.

Opened 3 long (cfd). Ep 11874, Sl 11860

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