Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trades - 16/04/2015

17:48 (GMT+1)
Unfortunately the reenter. I had a short position that got stop out. My tp was 11960.. My rhythm was off today  I'm not gonna make more trades today. Instead I'll update the context.

12:29 (GMT+1)
Closed my shorts at 12050. I'm gonna reenter if the market retest the base channel (h1-h4).

12:00 (GMT+1)
Position got stopped out. Looks like the short side will prevail. Opened 2 shorts. Target zone: gap fill.
DAX: m15-h1-h4 charts
11:21 (GMT+1)
I bought 2 long. I'm planning to trade a ranging market and a test of the higher channel shown on the 1 hour chart. I put a trailing stop on the position.
DAX: m15-h1-h4 charts

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