Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DAX context - 14/04/2015

Yesterday was really busy for me and I just couldn't follow the market. Today will be pretty much the same for me, so I just update the context and what I think is important to look out.

DAX: h1-h4-d1 charts
The market reached the level I've expected yesterday, but not in the way as I thought it would. The momentum of the 1 hour chart has created a bearish hook and the setup was triggered and the minimum target is already reached. 

The channels shown on the 4 hours and daily charts should provide support. The daily chart is about to create a bullish cross on the RSI, but it is not valid yet. The rally stopped at an ideal level in many ways so patience is really the best thing to have regarding long term expectation. This is still an open question because the market is between different scenarios at the moment. There is no confirmation  yet for an intra-day or swing trade in either way. If the acceleration channel will break then I think the DAX will go for at least a test of the neckline, but more likely test of the bigger parallel channel and even possibly a gap fill.


  1. Hello Brikka !
    Azt szeretném kérdezni ha publikus , hogy a trendcsatorna rajzolód
    az milyen objektum ? Ugyanis az mt4-ben a csati rajzoló 2 párhuzamos
    vonal és a középvonalat(3.vonal) úgy kell odavarázsolni , ha akarok.
    Köszi , Peter .

    1. Szia Péter!

      A trükk az, hogy fibo channel-t használok -0.5 szinttel. Így pont a mértani középre kerül a vonal :)

    2. Hello Brikka !
      Köszi , így már ok. .