Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DAX context and trades - 22/04/2015

Closed long at 11910.

Break even.

18:32 (GMT+1)
Last trade today.
DAX: m5 - m15 - h1 charts
17:37 (GMT+1)
Position got stopped out. I got too agressive. The entry was too early. Now I wait and see.

17:32 (GMT+1)
Another long opened.
DAX: m5 - m15 - h1 charts
17:08 (GMT+1)
Closed position at 11891.

16:45 (GMT+1)
Opened a long.
DAX: m15 - h4 - daily charts
15:48 (GMT+1)
Position got stopped out. Broke even.

15:02 (GMT+1)
The market moved 2R. Scaled out 1/3 at 11932.

14:58 (GMT+1)
Break even.

14:42 (GMT+1)
I hit a 15 minutes long signal.
DAX: m15 - h4 - daily charts
12:02 (GMT+1)
Position got stopped out.

11:35 (GMT+1)
I opened 3 long (CFD). I expect at least a backtest today's high or even a little higher for today.
DAX: m15 - h4 - daily charts
The market filled the gap (see 4 hours chart). The momentum is forming a bullish cross on this time frame, but it needs to get confirmed by the MA10/20 to be valid. The RSI on the daily time frame might found support, and the weekly chart suggests that this market needs at least one more diverging high that would probable make the end of 3 of (3) on the monthly chart.
DAX: h4 - daily - weekly charts

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