Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trades - 02/04/2015

16:01 (GMT+1)
Scale out.

15:55 (GMT+1)
Break even. Top of the mini channel on the 1 hour chart is near.

15:36 (GMT+1)
I'm back and I entered the market on the long side. I think the price action just tested the correction channel drawn on the 1 hour chart. There is also a bullish slingshot on the daily time frame. We'll see how this is going to work out.
14:58 (GMT+1)
Still on the way. I'm trying to follow on my cell. I think the 1 hour chart shows bullish signs.

11:30 (GMT+1)
Today is really busy for me. Hopefully I'll be able to follow the market more tight during the afternoon. I'm gonna away from the computer for a while now. The rest of my long got stop out.

9:45 (GMT+1)
Scaled out.I'm gonna open another long if the break out attempt will be proved to be valid.

9:39 (GMT+1)
I entered the market on the long side. Correction channel must break. Since I started to type the market is going for a break out attempt on the 5 minutes chart.
m5-m15-h1 charts

9:30 (GMT+1)
So far the drop from yesreday's top looks corrective. The 4 hours chart shows potentially bullish patterns, namely an inverse H&S, but the price is still under the neckline, so it is not valid yet.
4 hours chart and an inverse H&S pattern (price is under the neckline)

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