Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DAX and trades - 29/04/2015

17:04 (GMT+1)
Sl closed my short at 3650

16:40 (GMT+1)
The first wave of the drop didn't reach my target and I missed the exit on smaller time frame. Lowered my Sl to 3659.5. I plan to trail the MA20 line if the decline will continue.
EURO STOXX50: 1 hour chart
14:38 (GMT+1)
Trailing stop is on. I hope the channel will break right now.
EURO STOXX50: 4 hours chart
14:33 (GMT+1)
Sl lowered to 3712.

13:30 (GMT+1)
The DAX is starting to look bearish to me concerning near term price action. The only "immediate" bullish outlook is a flat wave [ii] pattern. But if the market break below to yesterday's low then this can be ruled out too. I expect a tricky range and a bigger flat wave pattern as wave B of (4). This is just a thought. Further confirmation is needed to deal with this context.
DAX: h1 -h4 - daily charts
I opened a short on EUSTX50. My primary target is around 3600s.
EUSTOXX50 - daily chart

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